Frequently Asked Questions:

When was Dreamhome Press LLC established?
Dreamhome Press LLC was established on August 3 of 2012.
Where can I find news about Dreamhome Press LLC?
You have three options for finding updates on Dreamhome Press LLC:

  1. The Dreamhome Press LLC website: dreamhomebooks.com/home.
  2. Follow us on twitter: @DreamhomePress or twitter.com/dreamhomepress
  3. Like us on facebook: facebook.com/dreamhomepressllc

Are books from Dreamhome Press LLC only for children?
Not at all. Dreamhome Press LLC titles are enjoyable for all age groups. Even the children’s books are fun to read along with children.

How can I submit my work to Dreamhome Press LLC?
Unfortunately, we are not accepting submissions at this time but please keep your eyes on the Dreamhome Press LLC website to see when this changes.

Where can I purchase books from Dreamhome Press?
You can purchase our eBooks from most major internet retailers.

If any of your questions are not answered here, please utilize the contact form at the top of this page.